Verizon knocks $100 off the second generation Moto 360

Time to get a watch

Smartwatches might be in a slide, but the good news is that means we’re bound to see some decent deals as a result. Price was always one of our hangups with the second generation Moto 360, but Verizon is now selling it for $200 with free shipping — at least $100 cheaper than you can find most other places.

Lenovo, LG, and Huawei all announced earlier this year that they aren’t planning to release new smartwatches anytime soon, so this is likely to be the last Moto 360 for a while. The good news is that the second generation Moto 360 is one of the watches that will support Android Wear 2.0 when it’s released.

The major update to Google’s wearable OS is supposed to help make the watches become more independent. It will add things like the ability to download apps on the watches themselves, allow app developers to create widgets (similar to the Apple Watch’s complications), and it will bring third party watchfaces to iOS.

As for the rest of the market, Pebble recently cancelled the Time 2 after the company was bought by Fitbit. But smartwatches aren’t totally dead: Apple recently had its best Apple Watch sales week ever, according to Tim Cook. And Google let loose to us earlier this week that the company plans to release two flagship smartwatches in 2017.


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