Google Allo now available for desktop

Google’s smart messaging app is now available on the desktop/web, but only if you’re an Android user. Google says iPhone support is coming soon.


Google on Tuesday released its Allo smart messaging app for desktop users, but only if they have an Android device.

To begin using Allo on the desktop, users will need Allo open on their phone and then scan the QR code provided on the Allo website.

Some features will remain mobile exclusive, including (via The Next Web):

Connecting, switching, or removing Google accounts

  • Adding or removing members from an existing group
  • Backing up your information
  • Notification and privacy settings
  • Some chat features, like taking a photo, deleting a conversation, blocking contacts, or starting a chat with someone who’s not in your contacts

There’s no word on when iPhone users will be able to use Allo on the desktop, but Google said support is coming soon.

Google recommends Allo users update to the latest Android version before using the web version.

Allo supports Google Assistant, an AI software that allows users to gather information like news, movie times, restaurants, directions, and more. Google also offers Hangouts, Duo, and YouTube Chat to its users for communication.


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