The members of the League of Technical Voters are a diverse bunch; technical, artistic, political and most of all concerned about how to make the world a better place. If you're interested, we'd love for you to join us.

Silona Bonewald: Founder

Silona is currently focused on creating the League of Technical Voters. Before this she started her own company, ElecTech that created specialized software for political campaigns, and ran a web consulting business where she was one of the first people to create websites for hire, and to successfully optimize her clients’ websites for usability and top search engine ranking. She has also worked in the gaming industry, creating high visibility web presences, content management systems, and large database back-end integrations. Silona volunteers for the ACLU and EFF on technology-based civil liberties issues, and has lobbied on various issues. The combination of her involvement in political activism, educational activism, psychometrics for gaming communities, lobbyist work, netizen activities and web design make her uniquely suited to envision the framework that will make the LoTV system all possible.


Michelle DeFrance

Michelle is an auditor for the state of Texas where she has conducted performance, financial and information system and security audits for clients such as the Texas Education Agency, the University of Houston, the University of Texas Medical Branch, Texas Department of Transportation and the Railroad Commission. Additionally, she has worked with several non-profit organizations performing process consulting, fund raising, project management and financial management.

Todd Gillespie

Todd is a math student at UT Austin and a social software developer since 2000. He has worked on a large variety of applications, including electromechanical engineer social networks, ERP web tools, web server modules, automated network analysis, job boards, and more.

Micheal Jackson

Micheal has six years of experience working as a software engineer and systems administrator in startup and large company environments. Experience building large, high-traffic systems for clients such as Dell, ChevronTexaco, and Dun and Bradstreet. Graduate of the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, BSc Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin. Resume:

Michael Harris: Branding & Marketing Consultant

Michael is a communications industry professional with over 18 years experience in the fields of marketing and advertising. Specializing in niche market branding, he has assisted companies in the online marketplace to reach key demographics through innovative guerrilla marketing programs and unique promotional initiatives. His clients have included NCsoft Corporation, Discovery Communications, Littlefield Hospitality, Kenlee Precision Corporation, and Northeast Foods. Michael's disciplines include brand development, product marketing, art direction, public relations, copywriting, and media research.

Joel Greenberg

Joel is currently a Sr. Planner in GSD&M’s Marketplace Planning Group. He tracks consumer trends in technology that leads to insights in how people are communicating with one another; creating; and participating in a convergence media culture. He develops appropriate marketing strategies using the new opportunities available in understanding cultural/technological change and has contributed strategic thinking around new marketing to clients such as The US Air Force, BMW, Land Rover, AARP, Chili’s, Wal-mart, Motorola, The American Legacy Foundation, Leapfrog Toys, AT&T, and others. He is responsible for GSD&M becoming a founding partner of MIT’s Convergence Culture Consortium. Joel is a frequent conference speaker on consumer behavior with technology and is sought out by journalists for his perspective. He writes about how changes in media are affecting marketing on the Idea City blog at Joel also explores changes in marketing, society, and culture in his Friends Talking podcast at Recent stories include an interview with a 50 year old grandmother and why she participates in Second Life as well as exploring Lead User Innovation and community marketing with Soren Lund, Director of Lego Mindstorms NXT. Joel sits on the advisory board of conferences such as South by Southwest Interactive ( and Chaos: New Agendas in Advertising ( He’s been a speaker at SXSWi since its inception; this year, he chairs a panel titled “Girl Video Gamers Teach You the Facts About Successful Marketing,” with Athena and AthenaTwin, founders of the PMS Clan, and team leader Rhoulette from Ubisoft’s Frag Dolls. Joel has been active in interactive strategy, design, and programming since before the World Wide Web and before even QuickTime 1.0. He has designed and programmed games and simulations for corporate America and education, including a fantasy adventure game to train pharmaceutical sales reps on a new drug and a game that teaches money skills to grade schoolers.

Sofia Martinez

Sofia has five years of experience as a technical writer responsible for a broad range of products. She has experience working as the lone technical writer, as part of a larger crew, and as the manager of the technical writing department. She has designed and written online help, customer training materials, brochures, reference manuals, user manuals, API manuals, and developer-oriented documentation. Sofia has actively worked with product managers and developers to create more usable products, and has led efforts to more effectively transmit knowledge both within the development group and across departments. Against her wishes, she has also been heavily involved in aspects of QA.

Kai Mantsch

Kai is president of Mad Penguin Inc. He has a degree in Rhetoric and Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign and has been writing software professionally for more than 11 years. He has held positions at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Harte-Hanks,, and the University of Texas School of Information. Kai is also a published author and documentary filmmaker.

Alex Rollin

Alex has worked in the technology sector as a systems administrator, network administrator, project manager, and process engineer for 12 years. After working for Agilent and Motorola on WAN hardware development and network management, Alex began a consulting company providing services to non-profits and small business in San Francisco while he attended seminary at the Graduate Theological Union at UC Berkeley. From 2001-2004 he was the lead administrator on a 2-way advertising network deployed and linked across 30 states with 4500+ installations and 65 support staff. This network received 180 million impressions weekly, making it the most watched network in the country. Alex returned to consulting in 2004, and continues to provide services to small businesses and non-profits. His focus is on replicable, standards based, open source platforms and modular open development practices. Alex is also an owning member of Dynamic Convergence LLC, a new member owned cooperative of solopreneurs consciously engaged in commons based peer production with a focus on multiple bottom lines: people, planet, profit, and process.

Joshua Gay

Joshua is the Founder and President of the Commons Development Foundation, an Oklahoma Not For Profit organization. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. As a software developer he has held positions at Superwings, inc., Harris Corporations, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is the editor of Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman, and the copyeditor of over a dozen titles from the GNU Press and Springer-Verlag Boston. He recently finished a nine month research assistant position at the University of Oklahoma's Symbiotic Computing laboratory where helped develop a brain-machine interface for control of a prosthetic limb. In his current position, he dedicates his time developing MagnaWiki, a suite of lightweight tools for the rapid development of user and group based alert and discussion systems.

Chris Hunter

Photo of ChrisChris walks the tightrope of web site work between design and development. Originally trained in Industrial Design at the University of Washington, he went to work for a web startup, The Cobalt Group, in 1995 and has never looked back. He's always interested in technologies and standards that will provide better experiences on the web. Chris' past work life includes positions at Humancode, and the University of Washington Daily. He's currently working as a senior user experience designer for Motive, Inc.

Outside of work, Chris enjoys an active life as a father and husband. He's also a black belt and instructor in Tukong Moosul, a Korean martial art.