About Us

Changing the World Through Transparent Communications

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to involve more technical people in the political process, especially in relation to the use of technology by government. We are in a position to provide a priceless resource to our country by helping to improve governmental policies and use of technical resources. We believe that many of the current problems have more to do with a lack of education than with partisan issues.

Who We Are

We are technical experts of all flavors. We do everything from engineering, to designing websites, to implementing large data systems. We are individuals not tied to a specific corporate interest or lobby. Instead we are dedicated to the idea that we can help educate those who need to use technology and spend our tax dollars to do so. Lastly, we are Voters who want to regain influence over a system we view as chaotic, unwieldy and unresponsive.

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Accomplishing Our Goal

Through your support we will create an open source entity based social networking system with integrated voting and blog features that will allow us to watch and discuss legislation both on a state and national level. The voting mechanism will provide aggregate position data which can be used to influence policy makers. The blogs will be used to communicate issues as well as inspire members to become further involved. RSS feeds will allow us to track our issues of focus.

The system will also be a well-filtered source of information for the media, government administrators, policymakers and their staff. The League of Technical Voters will provide them with access to a wide range of nonpartisan technical expertise.

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-- Thanks! - Silona (Founder)