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Connecting some Dots

I'm about halfway through my current development phase of my larval Connect the Dots database and Wiki environment.


Distributed Validation

An interesting new approach, where you use a mob of computers scattered around the internet to verify the consistency and persistency of a security certificate:

OpenID is Snowballing

More people are jumping on the OpenID bandwagon, the latest being MySpace:

BBC: MySpace signs up to OpenID scheme

Much Ado about... Something

Oh noes! That darned government is working to cut off communications between us, the people, and our duly elected officials:

Cognitive Surplus?

Where do all those editors and busybodies at Wikipedia find the time to do all that work?

Connect the Dots

I've been doing a fair amount of handwaving lately, describing the Connect-the-Dots experience to a few select people, and I've been getting a really good response.

Something new from Google News

Allowing special comments on news stories from the actors in those stories. Here's a snarky article talking about it:


And a sample from Google:

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