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How we came to do

We cannot stress the importance of's CC license to this project.  This project could be illegal without the proper licensing.  And we would like to express our most sincere thanks

another Workshop? and how I design a workshop...

I am thinking it is time for another workshop in the style of

OSCON 2008

A little video from the Mysql guys at OSCON 2008.

Site changes

So Randy and I are getting together this weekend to change a bunch of stuff on the site.

Watch out for falling pixels this weekend.

Codeathon postponed to November

 I am going to postpone the codeathon at OSCON in Portland and

Granular Social Networks

Thomas Vanderwal  has done  a wonderful post explaining the need for granularity in Social network creation.

Social Networks and Government

I have been giving a presentation on Social Networks and Government to various groups.

Go Chris GO!

what is barcamp?

 Me at BarcampAustin  III  giving the lay of the land.

tagging and contextualization of identity

 My interview with Viewzi at SXSW.

Data portability interview of Silona by Scott Kveton

I basically talk about data portability and government data. Also about the need for contextualization for multiple personas.


In DC at the Politics Online Conference

So here is the brightly colored Silona reporting from the land of black suits, DC.  I spoke yesterday at the Politics Online Conference.  Basically I organized

Federated? unified? ugh I need a term!

So I keep trying to describe the FOSSN to different people and I really do believe we need a new term to describe what I would like to create.

So I created a personal wiki

I created a personal wiki. You can see a bunch more of the work I do for LoTV there.

Berkman Blogger Group

Spoke at the Berkman Blogger Group group of people - also enjoyed that they treated me to Indian food afterwards too!

Free and Open Source Social Network and Unified Social Networks

One of the things I have been talking about as crucial for the FOSSN is the ability to give the individual installations autonomy.  I knwo that Moveon for example is not going to let that data go

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