The League of Technical Voters is a nonprofit 501(c)3, nonpartisan organization dedicated to motivating and assisting technical experts to improve lawmaking and governmental process.

Distributed Validation

An interesting new approach, where you use a mob of computers scattered around the internet to verify the consistency and persistency of a security certificate:

Diebold Admits to Decade-old Voting Machine Bug

The denial finally ends, and the vindication of critics begins. Premier Election Solutions Inc.

Gov't considers electronic privacy legislation

The issue of legislative regulation of the massive and potentially intrusive personal data collected online by advertising companies -- as a means to more targeted ad placement, nominally -- is finall

Ruling: Copyleft infringement = Copyright infringement

A federal appeals court has overruled a lower court ruling that, if sustained, if allowed to stand, could have neutered popular copyleft licenses such as the GPL and Creative Commons licenses.

Report Calls for State Budget Transparency

It's obvious that making government budgets transparent is in the interests of citizens on both sides of the alleged Red-Blue divide, as well as on both the state and federal levels, as well as

Diplopedia: The State Department Wiki

“It’s grass-roots technology in a top-down organization,” said Eric M.

The trend towards openness

In addition to open government and open citizens, our evolving social mores need to put pressure on business and corporate culture to be open with their products and their data, and with what customer

another Workshop? and how I design a workshop...

I am thinking it is time for another workshop in the style of

OSCON 2008

A little video from the Mysql guys at OSCON 2008.

OpenID is Snowballing

More people are jumping on the OpenID bandwagon, the latest being MySpace:

BBC: MySpace signs up to OpenID scheme

EU and US nearing agreement to share private info on citizens to "fight crime"

According to The New York Times, the US and the EU are nearing completion of precedent-breaking agreement allowing law enforce

Tech Giants to create online ID system

The Information Card Foundation, comprised of Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Equifax, Novell, Oracle and nine industry analysts and technology leaders,

Much Ado about... Something

Oh noes! That darned government is working to cut off communications between us, the people, and our duly elected officials:

"Reality mining" on the rise

Who owns your cellphone tracking data? Is it you, or is it companies like Sense Networks, Inrix, and Path Intelligence?

Open Source Software -- Accounting Style

I've been doing research on software that I can use for maintaining the books for The League.

EU Commissioner Strongly Endorses Open Software

The E.U.'s competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, delivered a strong recommendation that governmen

Site changes

So Randy and I are getting together this weekend to change a bunch of stuff on the site.

Watch out for falling pixels this weekend.

Codeathon postponed to November

 I am going to postpone the codeathon at OSCON in Portland and

Cognitive Surplus?

Where do all those editors and busybodies at Wikipedia find the time to do all that work?

Your Donation May Be Tax Deductable

Hello all, a word from the treasurer here. 

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