Bill Clinton makes personal, methodical case to elect wife Hillary as ‘change maker,’ champion of the underclass

Bill Clinton makes personal, methodical case to elect wife Hillary as 'change maker,' champion of the underclass

Former President Bill Clinton laid out a very personal, methodical case for electing his wife, Hillary, as the country’s next president Tuesday night, telling the Democratic National Convention that she has devoted her life to helping underserved Americans and changing lives for the better.

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Michelle Obama’s DNC speech made Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination feel personal

After a day of boos, protests, and raucousness on day one of the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama gave arguably the best, most resonant speech of the day. She really seemed to calm the crowd down, bringing a little unity to the fraught convention floor.

She also did something else that was important for Democratic unity. She reminded everyone what a big, historic deal Hillary Clinton’s campaign is — and she did it in a way that felt authentic and relatable.

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RNC delegates officially nominate Donald Trump for president

It’s no longer presumptive. Donald Trump has surpassed the required 1,237 delegate votes for the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Now, the first internet reactions and footage of demonstrators outside the venue are pouring in.

In alphabetical order, states and territories and the District of Columbia all officially cast their delegate votes for the presidential nomination. With some states passing on their turn, it was New York’s delegation that put Trump over the 1,237 delegate threshold.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas trailed with just over 200 delegates, and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, Ohio Governor John Kasich and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson claimed even fewer. Their names garnered some boos from the convention floor when announced during delegate vote counts.

It was Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., who made the call that cast New York’s 95 delegate votes to win Trump the nomination.

“It doesn’t get any more surreal than that,” Trump, Jr. told CNN from the floor.

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Turkish navy ships still missing after botched coup

Fourteen Turkish navy ships remained at sea and unaccounted for last night amid concerns that their commanders may be coup conspirators seeking to defect.

Admiral Veysel Kosele, the commander of the Turkish navy, has been out of contact since Friday night’s botched coup, a source confirmed. It is not known whether he was an instigator of the attempt to oust President Erdogan or is being held hostage by collaborators on the run.

Last night the president said that he was almost assassinated when the resort in southwest Turkey where he was staying was stormed and two of his bodyguards killed.

Melania Trump’s unexpected moment

Cleveland (CNN)Melania Trump stepped onto center stage Monday for the highest-profile speech of her life, but the moment was quickly overshadowed by controversy after it emerged that portions of the speech were plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s 2008 address to the Democratic National Convention.

Melania Trump initially appeared to deliver the speech her husband needed to portray him in a softer light. She offered testimony about the character of her husband, Donald Trump, and said he would never let America down.
The former fashion model, who rarely takes a leading role on the campaign trail, was the star attraction on the first night of the Republican National Convention.

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UK government warned to act fast on Brexit risks

A UK parliamentary committee looking at issues pertaining to the digital economy has warned of multiple risks in the wake of last month’s referendum vote to leave the European Union.

The committee is also urging the government to set out key objectives for regulating what it dubs “disruptive change” — urging a focus on promoting productivity, innovation, and customer choice and protection, and suggesting that users of online platforms should be more involved in solutions to improve compliance with existing regulations.

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A Vice President Pence would be bad for building US culture of innovation

With a tweet from The Donald himself, it’s official that Governor Mike Pence of Indiana will be Donald Trump’s running mate. But Gov. Pence’s record in the tech industry has been clumsy at best.

Perhaps knowing he needed to step up his tech efforts, the Governor has been loudly parading his “new” innovation and entrepreneurship plans for the state of Indiana in the run-up to his selection. While the initiative is capturing the spotlight this week, it seems to be in direct contrast to the Governor’s lack of priorities in ensuring the safety of diverse communities. The fight got so bad that Salesforce, Angie’s List, and other tech companies had to get involved, costing Indiana millions in lost investment. 

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Why Turkey’s coup attempt matters big time for the United States

Washington (CNN) The Turkish government appeared to be regaining control of major cities Saturday the morning after a faction of the Turkish military tried to take over the country. A failed coup in Turkey — a longtime ally of the U.S. and member of NATO — could have significant and wide-ranging implications for the U.S.

That’s particularly the case, since Turkey is one of the world’s few Muslim majority democracies and it sits at a key crossroads between the West and the Middle East, with Turkey playing a critical role in the fight against ISIS in Syria, the handling of Syrian refugees and in serving as a transit point for foreign ISIS fighters.
The impact was felt almost immediately as a key asset in the U.S. anti-ISIS campaign, the Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey just 60 miles from the Syrian border, was forced to halt operations amid the uncertainty.
As of Saturday morning, Turkish military authorities had closed the airspace around Incirlik, making it impossible for U.S. airstrike missions against ISIS from that location, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement.
“U.S. officials are working with the Turks to resume air operations there as soon as possible,” Cook added.
He also said the U.S. military was working to adjust its counter-ISIS operations “to minimize any effects on the campaign.”
A U.S. defense official told CNN that the Pentagon is looking to conduct operations out of other bases in the region because of the Incirlik shutdown, which the military specifically needs to operate drones to fight ISIS, also known as ISIL.
Even once the airspace is reopened, though, the U.S. military may be reluctant to restart operations until it is certain who is in control of the Turkish armed forces.
Additionally, tensions between the U.S. and Turkey could increase as an extradition battle now looms. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Fethullah Gulen, who currently lives in Pennsylvania, of being behind the coup and demanded the U.S. hand him over, though the exiled cleric has denied any involvement.
Here is a look at what else this could mean for the U.S.

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Over 2,800 arrested, 265 killed, 1,440 injured in Turkish coup attempt

Turkish Prime Minister said that 2,839 soldiers and officers implicated in an overnight coup attempt have been arrested. At least 265 people have been killed, including 104 pro-coup participants, while 1,440 people were injured in military action in Istanbul and Ankara.

According to Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, those arrested included ordinary soldiers and high-ranking officers. He added that about 20 of those who planned the overnight coup were killed and 30 more were wounded.

Acting chief of staff of the armed forces Umit Dundar said during a press conference that more than 190 people have been killed since the attempted coup was launched.


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Turkish army take over state TV, impose martial law

A Turkish military stands guard near the Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey, July 15, 2016. © Murad Sezer

The Turkish military have reportedly broken into the headquarters of state broadcaster TRT. Photos posted on social media show soldiers inside the offices.

After seizing the channel, Turkish Armed Forces broadcast a statement declaring martial law and announcing that they had“completely taken over the administration” with the aim of “reinstat[ing] constitutional order, human rights and freedoms.”


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