OpenGov IGNITE talk at SXSW

In honor of - the League of Technical voters decided to organize an inpromptu gathering of Open Gov advocates and techies to do 5 min talks on Open Gov during lunch at SXSW. 

Mar 16th 12:30-2 at Fiddler's Hearth. This event is open to the general public!

20 slides 15 second per slide 5 minutes!
Come and get a taste of what is happening in the Transparent Government realm. We have some really exciting projects that will be presenting.

The Ignite format is always a fun and educational format that gets people to distill their message

Rob Pierson - legislative Aid to Rep Honda from California
Sponsor of some of the most significant Transparency legislation seen on a statewide level
Title: "Citizen Engagement with Congress"

Juan Sequeda is a PhD student in the Department of Computer Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. His research is about Database integration, Semantic Web and Linked Data.
Title: Facilitating interoperability across displaced population databases: technology rebuilding a lost connectivity tissue and helping a population in regaining political life
He is presenting the project that he submitted to the Dell Social Innovation Competition

Adrian Parsons is a senior at UT's school of Design
Title: "Creating a true Web citation for legislation and governance"
He will show how a simple change can change legal documentation and discourse forever.

Andrew Turner from GeoCommons
Title: Mashup: TwitterVoteReport/InaugurationReport and GeoCommons

Clay Johnson from the Sunlight foundation
Title: "5 Amazing Things you can do to open our government in afternoon."

Peter Corbitt from Apps for fame

Bob Blakley, VP and Research Director of the Identity and Privacy Strategies service at Burton Group, a tech industry analyst firm headquartered in Midvale, Utah.
Edwin Wise, Board of Directors League of Technical Voters, mad scientist and Software Engineer at National Instruments
Title: "Making Sense of Difficult Data"

Sean Savage coined the phrase "flash mob" and his writing about social tech has been published in Wired, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune. His clients have included Intel, Adaptive Path, Scient and France Telecom. You'll find Sean at and at PariSoMa (Paris South of Market), the coworking space he cofounded in San Francisco.
Title: "Saving the world thru City hacks"