another Workshop? and how I design a workshop...

I am thinking it is time for another workshop in the style of

One of the things that was significant about the workshop is the fashion in which it was done.  (And no I don't mean the theme that valleywag enjoyed making fun of.)   I speaking to the fact that everyone truly did have "roles" to play.  I didn't invite every single person I could.  I very carefully chose each individual for the Role they would play.  That of a NonProfit, or a business, that of a consortium of scientists, or a well regarded paper... those that would be databrokers or a source of scores of volunteers.

I think to explain open data standards for govt... we need to do another workshop like that one.  Again representing all the major stakeholders.

I admit I was a bit unpopular for only choosing a few out of many that would have liked to been present.   But it wasn't about having the spectrum covered.  I think with 40 people everyone did feel heard and represented over the extent of the weekend.  And I'd like to encourage others to have similar events.  I think of them as the kind of ultimate user case w all the stakeholders present.