Board of Directors

Silona Bonewald started her own company, ElecTech in 1993 that created specialized software for political campaigns, and ran a web consulting business from 1994- 1997 where she was one of the first people to create websites for hire, and to successfully optimize her clients’ websites for usability and top search engine ranking. She has also worked in the gaming industry, creating high visibility web presences, content management systems, and large database back-end integrations 1998 to present day for such clients as Siemans, Blue Byte and Ubisoft.

Silona volunteers for the ACLU and EFF on technology-based civil liberties issues, and has lobbied on various issues. The combination of her involvement in political activism, educational activism, psychometrics for gaming communities, lobbyist work, netizen activities and web design make her uniquely suited to envision the framework that will make the LoTV system all possible.

Sharron Rush is the co-founder and Executive Director of Knowbility, a nonprofit organization that grew from the first Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) in Austin in 1998. Sharron leads the effort to replicate the AIR program in cities throughout the country. Because of AIR, professional Web developers from hundreds of state agencies and technology companies have learned about the benefits, tools, and techniques of accessible Web design. In addition to improving the accessibility of their own work, AIR volunteers use their accessible Web design skills to create sites for more than 500 nonprofit groups, affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Sharron believes strongly in the power of technology to support the independence of people with disabilities - and in the value of dynamic, ongoing collaboration to strengthen communities. She has led Knowbility to national recognition, including appearances on the Oprah Winfrey TV show, "Best Practice" feature at the National Labor Skills Summit, and recognition for excellence and innovation by the Peter F. Drucker Foundation. In April of 2001, she was named one of the Top 25 Women of the Web and in March 2002, she received the Dewey Winburne Award for Community Service through Interactive Media. She is a ComputerWorld Laureate, an advisor to the SXSW Interactive Media Conference, was named Community Tech Champion by the Congressional Black Caucas and co-wrote the book, Maximum Accessibility which is recognized as one of the definitive accessibility resources. Sharron annually assembles the best minds in web accessibility to deliver training conferences that teach and define interactive accessibility from the basics to the bleeding edge.

Brigid Shea is president of Brigid Shea & Associates, an environmental and public policy consulting business. A former award-winning journalist, environmental advocate, and elected city councilmember, Shea has been advising businesses and governments on environmental and public policy issues for almost 20 years.

After nearly a decade in broadcasting, mainly at NPR stations in Minnesota and Philadelphia, Shea co-founded the state chapter of Clean Water Acton in Austin in 1988. In 1991, Shea helped found and direct the Save Our Springs Coalition, heading-up the most successful grassroots issue-campaign in the history of Austin. Shea was elected to the Austin City Council in 1993 where she championed environmental and quality-of-life initiatives as well as telecommunications, utility and campaign-finance reform. She was a Rockefeller Fellow at UNC Chapel Hill and a Research Fellow at Yale Divinity School.

Kai Mantsch a former project manager at and currently a professional filmmaker. Kai brings an interesting blend of programming experience along with a greater understanding of new media and the current convergence that is happening on the internet.

I expect this list of people will grow in the next month after liability insurance is purchased. - Silona

Edwin Wise  is a software engineer with over 25 years of professional experience, which means he has seen microcomputers appear from the dust and then grow into the world-changing devices we  know and use today. He has done work in such varied places as in Manufacturing CAD/CAM, Games, and Embedded Firmware for data acquisition systems, and considers himself to be a rogue technologist with a penchant for complex system design.