- Making Govt documentation web citable to a paragraph level

I am super happy to announce the project. The website focused on the "WHY" government documents need to be documented and growing the community behind the standards.  Please sign up now and get orgs to sign up. The wiki is focused on the "HOW" and the actual implementation of standards.

I purposely seperated the HOW and the WHY.  I believe thatis important because different documentats may have different formats.  I prefer instead to have everyone agree over the essentials first hence the petition.

The formats will evolve.  I believe the legal notation we have created is absolutely beautiful in its elegance.


http:// archive.domainname/(optional path)/document/datetime YYYYMMDDHHMMSS # path to a paragraph

 We need more work on the website version.  How to link into a webpage paragraph in HTML...  but I think Purple number is close to where we want to be. so go give this wiki page some love!