Podcast with our partner at LOTV

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Rod Amis sent me a podcast interview with Silona Bonewald, our wonderful partner who founded the League of Technical Voters, the visionary of the Transparent Federal Budget, architect of our "We Are All Actors" weekend August 10-12, and the woman who has dragged me to two code-a-thons.

In this interview conducted by Tom Parish and produced by Rod, Silona talks about the Transparent Federal Budget, the results of our We Are All Actors weekend, Net Neutrality, the importance of transparency, creating online identities, supporting online dialogue, "hot babes" of open source, SXSW, Women in Open Source technology, open source social networking and open standards, Lawrence Lessig, taking control of our own information, and having a vision so powerful that you can't NOT follow it. (She's a civic entrepreneur!) And she talks about Texas Forums!

Editor's note about the podcast.

Listen and be inspired!

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