EU Commissioner Strongly Endorses Open Software

The E.U.'s competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, delivered a strong recommendation that government and businesses use only software based on open standards rather than closed technology. Speaking at a conference in Brussels, Ms. Kroes endorsed a 2007 European Commission policy on open software products as a "smart business decision," based partly on security concerns raised by governments' use of closed software. (2008-06-12)

From the New York Times:

A policy by the European Commission adopted last year to promote the use of software products that support open standards "needs to be implemented with vigor," she said.

Ms. Kroes told a conference in Brussels, "No citizen or company should be forced or encouraged to choose a closed technology over an open one." In her speech, she said there were serious security concerns for governments and businesses associated with using a single software supplier.

European agencies "must not rely on one vendor" and "must refuse to become locked into a particular technology — jeopardizing maintenance of full control over the information in its possession," she said.

(Emphasis mine.)