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Federated? unified? ugh I need a term!

By Silona
Created 02/16/2008 - 18:44

So I keep trying to describe the FOSSN to different people and I really do believe we need a new term to describe what I would like to create. I do not want the completely open model of OpenID as I would like to give people the ability to control their various personas. For example, I do not want to merge my Tribe network (all my burningman friends) with my LinkedIn network (a bunch of my business associates.) I'm not being secretive (obviously I'm posting it here.) I just don't like my social spheres being taken out of context. To me it is a bit like wearing a party dress to work. We all know I wear them - just not to work (usually ;-))

http://mikeg.typepad.com/perceptions/2007/07/unified-social-.html [1]

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