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Codeathon postponed to November

By Silona
Created 06/10/2008 - 16:07

 I am going to postpone the codeathon at OSCON in Portland and instead do a codeathon during the supercomputing conference in Austin Nov 15-21 (not sure of exact dates yet but will solidify in the next 2 weeks.

 Several reasons I moved it.

1) It is in Austin

2) Not enough time

3)  Still tied to a nifty Conference – Super Computing

The parts that make me sad:

1)  Not tied to OSCON – This is huge issue for me and was almost a killer of the event for me

2)  Perhaps less blogger traffic since not part of OSCON anymore

3) No FLOSS luminaries

4)  Not in Portland – and there were some truly awesome people that were going to help me throw it there!

5)       Though I sincerely hope that everyone can travel to it!

6)       I am still going to OSCON  and will be promoting the codeathon like a mad woman

I plan on EVERYTHING being solidified by OSCON on this one.  The only real work is getting on everyone’s schedules.  I am planning on this being a huge event for LoTV.

I also have to send a very tough personal email to OReilly.  I’m probably going to commit to doing a codeathon NEXT yr at OSCON with more OReilly support... I am hoping.

Needless to say this was a tough personal decision but one I felt I had to make. 

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