Call to arms for Wikians everywhere! help w

This is what I posted at the DailyKos...  I put a call out to our supporters as well.  Please come help us create a new structure!

"We know that it is a bit unusual having a bot populate a wiki.  But we want to do more than just 3rd party versioning of  We also want to show the new administration how useful it would be to have this kind of information in a wiki format.

For purposes like:

  1. permalinks allowing bloggers to easily to specific unchanging references
  1. discussion pages - facilitating dialogue
  1. open standards - documentation does not have to be limited to "our" wiki

We want to discuss how we can do crossdocumentation from this wiki to other wikis like Dkosopedia and Wikipedia.  For example, linking people's names that are appointed on to their Wikipedia or Dkosopedia pages.  

We need to discuss structures for letting people document and discussion data on the site in combination w the bot.  So that we can handle easily the fact that the bot will often overwrite people's additions.  And how best to discuss and document the changes on that the bot makes more apparent.

I would also like to discuss how to make permalinking easier so that people can clearly reference aspects on the site on their blogs, other wikis, etc.

Please stop by to discuss and help build a shining example of community and open government!

We need the advice of experienced wikians like YOU!