Report Calls for State Budget Transparency

It's obvious that making government budgets transparent is in the interests of citizens on both sides of the alleged Red-Blue divide, as well as on both the state and federal levels, as well as outside the US in countries all over the world. This is not even a political issue as such, it's a new understanding of the rights of citizens, and what their governments are obliged to share.

Recently, The Goldwater Institute, a conservative research and litigation organization, released a report calling for full transparency in Arizona state budgeting. Compliancy would require government agencies to post all financial transactions in an easily searchable online database.

"Technology exists to make government spending more transparent than ever. There is no excuse for leaving citizens in the dark about how government is spending our tax dollars," says Byron Schlomach, [Director of the Center for Economic Prosperity at the Goldwater Institute] "In these tough financial times more access to government spending records is critical to addressing our state's budget crisis."

Much of this information for federal spending is already available online at, a concept originally supported by Senators Barack Obama and John McCain.

Government transparency is at the very heart of the principles supported by our founding fathers. Thomas Jefferson wrote, "We might hope to see the finances of the Union as clear and intelligible as a merchant's books, so that every member of Congress and every man of any mind in the Union should be able to comprehend them, to investigate abuses, and consequently to control them."

Dr. Scholmach's book, Piercing the Fog: A Call for Greater Transparency in State and Local Government, is available online.