co-death-on - the open source social network demo is born!

Okay so changing the codeathon from 48 to 30 hrs I think was my wisest decision.

First project -

The social network team is almost finished with a basic architecture, database and interface for the connect-the-dots tool that sits on top of the Social network. It will be awesome to demo the tool June 8-10 at the social networking meetup!

The team consists of Chrysta Hudson, Grant Hutchins, Tess Snider and Jason Maltzen. Jason and I worked together at a gaming company back in the day! And Tess also works in the gaming world. I couldn't find a better crew that understands my social network concerns and design. Jason and I spent my hours daydreaming of object model structures we wanted to wokr with. And here we are implementing the big daddy of them all!

In fact, they took my entity (changed to "actor" on Greg Foster's UML inspired nominclature) structure as far as I hinted it could go! They made the legislative fragments actors of themselves there by making the "actor" - a person, place, thing, concept and group. I kept tossing around the idea of making it a concept. I think this breaks most people's brains. But with the Transparent Federal Budget Project, it makes sense. It is a wonderful demonstration tool.

Who knows how far this can go!