Illuminated budget .org

Here I am at Knowbility's AIR Rally. We were chosen as one of the NPOs to have an free accessible website done. They are doing the static content version of We will also have a wiki at going up next week. This is where we are codeifying all the content from the wonderful We Are All Actors event in August. Much of it is chaotically contained on

So we are creating 3 new sites:


We will be moving most of the info from --> and We will be redirecting to

And moving all of the info from --> We will be closing the pbwiki site. will stand as a outdated site they will contain a link over to is going to be all new stuff. Since we have 501c3 status I will have the bylaws, etc posted there. I'm hoping that others will post their projects as well.

Looking forward to y'all input on the wikis!!!