Well I have been very neglect of late in regards to this blog... probably because we keep talking of revamping the site and I'm afraid of data lost but truly that is a cop out.

SO lemme point to some neat stuff going on.

Presented this slideshow at the - got an amazing response.  To everyone that thinks that govt officials are negative naysayers - I say PHOOIE!  These people are on our side and really want to do the right thing.

Also going to be presenting at the Community2.0 Conference May 12-14 in Las Vegas on portable communities. 

And looks like I may be on a panel at SXSW

We (Erica OGrady, Doryan and I)  are going to be throwing a HUGE fundraiser party at SXSW.  Sign up on the mailing list and watch for details.

I have also made a vow to video blog once a week as my NYE resolution.  I hate writing (and I know it shows) so since talking is my thing... A video blog seems natural.

I'm also doing a promotional style tour of Boston/NYC Feb 1-17th where I am gonna talk to tons of folk about our mission here!  I am so looking forward to that!!!  You will see many postings here on that topic.