China kills AI chatbots after they start praising US, criticising communists

China has taken down two online robots that appeared to go rogue, with one responding to users’ questions by saying its dream was to travel to the US and the other admitting it was not a fan of the Chinese Communist Party.

The “chatbots”, BabyQ and XiaoBing, are designed to use machine learning artificial intelligence to carry out online with humans.
Both had been installed on popular messaging service QQ.
The outbursts are similar to ones suffered by Facebook and Twitter but underlines the pitfalls for AI in China, where censors strictly control online content.

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Russia is blocking LinkedIn

A Moscow court has ruled the social network is in violation of local data collection regulations.

While LinkedIn is still waiting for the ink to dry on Microsoft’s $26.2 billion deal, the Russian government is gearing up to ban the professional networking site altogether. As the New York Times reports, a local court in Moscow has ruled that LinkedIn is not in compliance with with the country’s data protection rules. The company will be blocked from operating in Russia starting Thursday, but the company can still appeal the court’s decision.

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