Iran’s Latest Propaganda Tool: The Clinton-Trump Debates on Live TV

TEHRAN — In the past, Iranians looking to mock the United States would burn cardboard effigies of Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty. But in recent months, as the American presidential election took a series of bizarre turns, Iranians seeking to make fun of the “Great Satan” have ditched the arts and crafts and simply switched on their TV sets.

Iran’s state television, a bastion of conservative ideologues, for once interrupted its regular programing about the “murders and crimes committed” by the United States and broadcast all three debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump — live.

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Meet the man called the Donald Trump of Russia

MOSCOW — Vladimir Zhirinovsky, also known as the “Trump of Russia,” just won big in recent elections. And he hopes to be celebrating again in November.

“If Mr. Trump is a president of the United States, it would be a holiday for Russia,” he told CBS News.

The ultra-nationalist leader is one of Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters in Russia. Even his opinion of Hillary Clinton matches the more radical fringe of Trump supporters.


“Madame Clinton has all the signs of Parkinson’s illness. It’s a very bad illness,” Zhirinovsky said.

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Oculus founder responds to ‘Nimble America’ political controversy

Luckey: ‘I contributed $10,000…because I thought the organization had fresh ideas.’

Last night The Daily Beast reported that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is the “NimbleRichMan” behind a group of Donald Trump supporters pushing anti-Hillary Clinton memes, and now Luckey has responded. In a Facebook post claiming recent news stories don’t accurately reflect his views (and light on references to either shitposting or meme magic), the 24-year-old claimed his support of the Nimble America group consisted of a $10,000 donation because he “thought the organization had fresh ideas,” and that he did not write the posts credited to the pseudonym or delete the account.


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