Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro is a perfect way to show off your 4K TV

But it’s not a must-have upgrade for PS4 and 1080p TV owners.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is a new breed of console. It’s not going to replace the original system. Instead, it’s meant to tide over gamers who’ve upgraded to new 4K TVs with fancy high-dynamic range (HDR) lighting features. It’s a more significant step up than the Xbox One S, which is mostly centered around upscaling 4K content, but it’ll directly compete with Microsoft’s bigger console upgrade, Project Scorpio, next year. Welcome to the new era of gaming systems, which is beginning to resemble the world of PC games with a multitude of minor upgrades, rather than completely new system generations. (Nintendo, ever the iconoclast, is trying to do something both new and traditional with the Switch.)

There’s no doubt that the $399 PlayStation 4 Pro is the closest we’ve gotten to high-end PC-quality graphics on a home console. But the thing is, it’s not going to be a major upgrade for existing PS4 owners. And to really see the benefits of its faster hardware, you’ll have to wait for games to get upgraded. At the very least, though, it’s a welcome reward for anyone who’s held off on buying a PlayStation 4 until now.

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PlayStation 4 Pro games look amazing, but don’t expect real 4K

4K rendering is hard, ya’ll.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is undoubtedly the most powerful game console I’ve ever seen. Its GPU (powered by AMD’s new Polaris technology) is more than twice as fast as the original PS4, and it sports a faster clock speed as well. But while Sony is marketing it as the ideal console for 4K gaming, the truth is a bit more complicated. Rendering 4K games is something that’s still tough for high-end PC gaming rigs today. So Sony is giving developers a variety of ways to make their games look better than standard 1080p titles on the PS4, even if they can’t quite reach 4K.

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Sony will likely unveil the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ on September 7

September 7 is going to be a busy day. Sony sent out invites for a press event in New York. The company will likely unveil the successor to the PlayStation 4. On the same day, Apple could also hold its usual iPhone launch event for the rumored iPhone 7.

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Day-one patches are the new normal

No Man’s Sky will receive a massive day-one patch that adds a ton of content and gameplay elements to an already-humongous game. This would be just fine, except a few retailers across the nation started selling the game early — it comes out Tuesday, but some people (including reviewers) were playing it late last week. The patch, which includes the actual finished game with all its bells and whistles, requires these early players to delete their saves and start over when No Man’s Sky actually comes out. Developers at Hello Games wiped No Man’s Sky‘s servers Sunday, and they’re doing the same thing today.

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