Samsung offers upgraded 10nm chip production for clients

Samsung has showcased its third-generation 10-nanometer production process to potential clients and will offer process design kits in the second quarter of next year.

Samsung Electronics will offer third-generation 10-nanometer (nm) chip production and fourth-generation 14nm process for clients, the company has announced.

Process design kits for the 10LPU and 14LPU processes will be shared in the second quarter of next year, the company said.

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Windows 10 gets more social with “My People,” a taskbar feature focused on sharing, communication

Microsoft’s next version of its Windows 10 operating system, the Creator’s Update announced this morning, is about to get a lot more social. The company demonstrated a new feature called “My People,” which puts your most important contacts directly in the bottom toolbar on your desktop, so you can more easily share with them, message them across a variety of communications apps, and even receive emoji pop-ups as a way to tell each other that you’re thinking about them.

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This is the Surface Studio, Microsoft’s new all-in-one PC

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio today, an all-in-one PC with a 28-inch PixelSense display, with the thinnest display ever built according to Microsoft and a 3:2 display ratio. It also has an Intel Core processor, with a 2TB hybrid hard drive and an NVIDIA GPU, as well as integrated 2.1 speakers and a haptic feedback controller puck device.

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Dolby Atmos audio is coming to Xbox One S

Time to upgrade your audio setup to support it.

One of the gripes audiophiles have had with the Xbox One S is that despite the console’s Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, is its lack of support for next-en audio standards. That changes sometime in the future with a free update adding Dolby Atmos playback (via bitstream). It’s not nearly as dramatic as Sony adding 3D Blu-ray playback to the PlayStation 3 via an update in 2010, but for audio geeks this is pretty big news. And this is why buying a game console is a better idea than a standalone Blu-ray player: constant updates adding new features, rather than something static that may never be updated. Now to drop $1,500 on a soundbar to hear it.


Microsoft updates the Surface Book for gamers

This morning’s big Microsoft event is all about the software, but as anticipated, the company also had a few hardware surprises up their brightly colored sleeves. After all, you’re going to need some devices specially tailored to the new Windows 10 Creators Update, what the company is modestly referring to as, “the world’s largest collaborative software project.”

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HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer will all ship VR headsets for your PC starting at $299

Microsoft is currently holding a press conference in New York. The company is focusing a lot on 3D and all sorts of realities, from augmented reality to virtual reality. As part of this big push, Microsoft announced that it is partnering with five different brands that will all ship VR headsets for the next Windows 10 update.

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Windows 10 ‘Creator’s Update’ coming for free next spring

Get ready for features like a 3D version of Paint and “HoloTours.”

Even though the Surface line of convertible PCs has made Microsoft a hardware contender, its world still revolves around Windows 10. At today’s event, the company has revealed a lot of details about the next Windows 10 release, dubbed the “Creator’s Update.” That all starts with the 3D version of Paint it previewed earlier this month that’s far from version you may have created a pixelated doodle with. Instead, it allows you to scan objects from the real world and bring them into a 3D environment.

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Gaming features in Windows 10 Creator’s Update include native Beam streaming

Game Broadcasting for Windows 10 is coming, which brings built-in game streaming to the platform at the OS level. The tech for this is built using Beam, the TechCrunch Battlefield company that Microsoft acquired earlier this year. The Game Broadcasting tools provided by Beam incorporates interaction options for spectators, including the ability to make suggestions.

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Google buys Eyefluence eye-tracking startup


Google want to know everywhere that you’re looking.

Today, Eyefluence announced that it has been acquired by Google. The eye-tracking interface startup founded in 2013 had raised $21.6M in funding from investors including Intel Capital, Jazz Venture Partners, Motorola Solutions Venture Capital and NHN Investment. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Uber hits another roadblock

Uber, the ridesharing behemoth that recently began operating driverless cars and exploring self-flying drone taxis, can’t seem to catch a break these days in the legal arena. The New York State Department of Labor has ruled that two Uber drivers, Jakir Hossain and Levon Alesanian, are indeed employees — not contractors —  and therefore eligible to receive unemployment benefits, the New York Times reports. Now, Hossain and Alesanian are eligible for weekly unemployment payments of up to $425 each.

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