Whatsapp starts rolling out two-factor authentication

Beta Android users should see it now.

Whatsapp is one of the biggest messaging services out there, so it’s a little surprising that it hasn’t supported two-factor authentication. That is, until now — as noted by Android Police, people using the beta version of Whatsapp are starting to see the option to turn on this extra security measure.

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Meesho wants to make selling through WhatsApp more efficient and less painful

WhatsApp may have over one billion active users each month but it continues to frustrate the many small businesses that rely on it for sales but suffer for its lack of advanced features.

Messaging services like Line, WeChat and even Facebook Messenger have become platforms that let business users get dedicated usernames and accounts, manage group chats, set up stores and use bots for communication, all while WhatsApp remains basic. The company only added a web-based interface last year, for example. Prior to that, businesses tapping into its popularity had to literally key in all updates on a phone. That doesn’t scale when dealing with hundreds of potential customers.

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Research shows deleted WhatsApp messages aren’t actually deleted

Chat logs from WhatsApp linger on your phone even after you’ve deleted them, according to new research published by iOS expert Jonathan Zdziarski.

Forensic traces of chats linger on the phone even after a user archives or deletes them, Zdziarski found, and could be accessed by someone with physical access to the device or by law enforcement issuing a warrant to Apple for iCloud backups. Although the data is deleted from the app, it is not overwritten in the SQLite library and therefore remains on the phone.

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