Dolby Atmos audio is coming to Xbox One S

Time to upgrade your audio setup to support it.

One of the gripes audiophiles have had with the Xbox One S is that despite the console’s Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, is its lack of support for next-en audio standards. That changes sometime in the future with a free update adding Dolby Atmos playback (via bitstream). It’s not nearly as dramatic as Sony adding 3D Blu-ray playback to the PlayStation 3 via an update in 2010, but for audio geeks this is pretty big news. And this is why buying a game console is a better idea than a standalone Blu-ray player: constant updates adding new features, rather than something static that may never be updated. Now to drop $1,500 on a soundbar to hear it.


Day-one patches are the new normal

No Man’s Sky will receive a massive day-one patch that adds a ton of content and gameplay elements to an already-humongous game. This would be just fine, except a few retailers across the nation started selling the game early — it comes out Tuesday, but some people (including reviewers) were playing it late last week. The patch, which includes the actual finished game with all its bells and whistles, requires these early players to delete their saves and start over when No Man’s Sky actually comes out. Developers at Hello Games wiped No Man’s Sky‘s servers Sunday, and they’re doing the same thing today.

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