Free and Open Source Social Network and Unified Social Networks

One of the things I have been talking about as crucial for the FOSSN is the ability to give the individual installations autonomy.  I knwo that Moveon for example is not going to let that data go freely or easily.  Nor do I think they should.  I think a discussion of who owns what data does need to talk place.  There is the individual's data, the business data, private (often by law) data, and public data.   What I was calling earlier a Federated Data System would address those multiple levels.

 I just stumbled upon this article today.

Which talks of a "Unified Social Network."   Mike G, I gonna completely co-opt this term as it is what i have been looking for labewise for 3 years.  Thank you!  No to mention the update on what everyone else is doing.  I think this is verification enough in regards to the concept.