unite - not polarize

Reuniting America-What Unites Us as Americans?

This youtube video really struck at the heart of it for me.  Yea I started crying - sue me.

One really big focus of the C-wiki is that of building Common ground and Consensus.  We want to create a tool that allows us to codify productive discussions instead of dividing us further.  And we are very dedicated to create that.  it is crucial for creating a productive use of all the data that will be gathered through the Transparent Federal Budget project.

Taylor, Bob Blakley and I were discussing possible scenarios for Rep Mark Strama's skit for We Are All Actors (the workshop we are doing for the Transparent Federal Budget Project.)  And one thing we realized is how politicians rarely get to be arbitators or negotiators.  Instead some how the role of politicians has become one of polarization.  We understand.  In the fast flying times of large numbers and demographics - psychologically speaking - it is easier for our brains to categorize and stumble into the rut of stereotypes.  We hope to change that with better tools.  Tools can identify and humanize people too.  You just need more relevant data and more intuitive ways to view it.